Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day Adam

After tossing the idea of starting this blog back up I decided to give it a shot. 1. For me, because when I went back and read the things I wrote in the past, I was reminded of how far we have come and how important it is to keep pushing forward for my #sweetbabyblue. 2. For the information that I may share that may “click” with some of you. That maybe, just maybe, I may share something that can help you and your family. And last but not least 3. I decided to do this for my sweet boy! So that one day he can look back on these blogs and see just how hard his family fought for him. So he can see exactly how he turned into the awesome, amazing man of God that NO ONE expected! So he can show others just like him how EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE as long as you allow God to lead the way! 


So we continue ….

Since our last blog on May 2014 so much has changed in our lives. We went through LOTS of life changing events that I thought would be breaking points. As you know OUR GOD knew better than that! He kept my momma head strong, stronger than ever, and helped me to continue to be the mom I needed to be for my child. In the past four years Kiptyn not only flourished but he gained two more people to love him unconditionally just has his momma and daddy would!

With that being said I figured the best day to begin writing again would be the day made for daddies. My sweet boy is blessed enough to have two amazing men in his life to show him the ropes! My heart beats intensely for the man that stepped up and didn’t have to be a daddy. Like most people, Kip stole his heart from day 1 and he has never looked back since. The love Kiptyn and Adam have for each other is so obvious to anyone who is able to spend time with them. Nothing does a momma’s heart better than watching the growth from Kiptyn since Adam stepped up and took on the title of “stepdad.” So this Father’s Day after reflecting on our AMAZING church service from this morning – I sit here and listen to Kiptyn and Adam talking on the couch … “Say AAAADDAAMMM” … Kip follows with a long “AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” with a long pause, then he says “DOMMMMMM!”
Yall if that ain’t love I don’t know what is! (Yes my mouth dropped and my heart exploded)



Happy Father’s Day Adam! We love you past the moon!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Paige's Graduating YALL! OH EM GEEEEE!!!!

Well this blog will be a little different from ones of the past.

Sometimes I think about my childhood. I think about Christmas mornings, Halloween trick or treating, Easter fun, summer time, popsicles, crab trap running, swimming pools, mud riding, skating on cement, birthday parties, etc. In all of these memories 3 of the people that I cherish the most are in every memory. My siblings. Three people I cannot imagine my life without. Three people that have made me love them one minute yet ready to ring their necks the next. But when all else failed, we always came together as a family. As I think about these memories I am sad to think of Kiptyn currently being an only child. (NO, I don’t have baby fever I promise) My main goal with my crumb snatcher is to get him better, and Lord knows that’s on its way as we speak; however, I am saddened that he may never get to experience all these things that I got to experience. For more reasons than one, however; that is not important right now! But, the thought of him missing out on all of these things breaks my heart especially at moments like this ….

This week our family will celebrate an achievement and accomplishment that we have been waiting on for some time. The last of us will graduate and begin her life as an adult. Can you believe it? Paige is all grown up y’all!!! Saying that brings so many tears to my eyes, happy tears because of the person she has become, sad tears because she’s growing up, scared tears because I know what’s to come, but confident tears because I know she will outshine my expectations and do more than I ever imagined! Today I had to bring Paige to the doctor for a small outpatient procedure and during my wait I reminisced on so much. Being 10 years younger than me of course I took on the role of “mother hen” when Paige was born. Those of you that know me know very well I would gladly take your life if you would have ever crossed her the wrong way. (Yea so maybe I had to remind a few people who her big sister was when they decided to speak wrongly to her- no apologizing, I meant it ;) ) She was my baby, my first child that I poured all my love into. And unfortunately Jadi and Justin can probably confirm that I let her get away with more than them or gave her more than them. Well shucks so did my mom come to think of it … We never got HALF the stuff she did! We never got away with half of the stuff she did! But isn’t that what it’s all about!?!? Being the baby of the family I mean. The baby always lucks up right!?? Well our baby did for sure, but she also had her fair share of unfair things cross her pathway in her 17 years. She has faced things in 17 short years that I pray most children will never have to face. She has been attacked and judged by the people that you would never expect to do those things. She has felt pain, hurt, and loss. I have watched her struggle yet never fall without jumping back up. She has proved so many wrong! But throughout it all she has held her head tall and exceeded any expectation that anyone ever set for her. She has outshined most! She has done EVERYTHING she has put her mind to and she never let anything or anyone stop her. I cannot express the amount of gratitude and respect I have for my baby sister. I cannot put into words the amount of pride I have for her. She is one amazing person that I know will change our world somehow, someday. Those of you that know Paige are probably smiling as you read this and saying, oh yeah that’s her for sure! And it is! And that’s why I wanted to write this blog, to express my sincere gratitude for my baby sister, to offer her a few words of advice that I have learned along the way, and to show her that no matter what we will ALL stand behind her every step of the way! So here goes ….

So sis I have anticipated this day for a long time. I have contemplated what I would tell you and what I would leave out. I questioned what was important for you to know and what lessons I would allow you to learn on your own (they say those are the best lessons of course). I have watched you grow for 17 years, I have watched the woman that you have become. I cannot put into words how proud I am of everything that you have accomplished. I searched and searched for what I was going to tell you about the “real world.” I searched my mind for the life lessons I had to learn and how I could apply them correctly to you. Then I remembered a speech that I heard at a Scentsy Convention in 2012. So I dug up my old notes and it all came to me, a lot of the things she spoke at that convention I noted because I wanted to remember to tell you for your graduation. Everything that I wanted to tell you – because likewise, you know you are just like me right? Whether you want to admit it or not you’re like my clone. When I hear things about you all I can do is shake my head and warn people to watch out!! They can’t say I didn’t warn them because I know what’s coming. Been there, done that! I promise! NO WORRIES I WON’T TELL MOM IT ALL! ;) She’d probably kill me too, 27 years later. Needless to say sis, as I watch you walk down that aisle Thursday I will probably be a basket case, or maybe I’ll be calm and collective – who knows!?! But before then I want to tell you a few things that you should take with you as you begin your journey of life. 
You are now beginning big girl world. In this big girl world you will experience a lot. A lot more than you expect, things won’t always be peachy-keen, and people won’t always be nice, or sincere, but please take these words and soak them in, as for it took me 27 short years to learn some of these things, and continue to learn many of them (Yeah I’m working on practicing what I preach!) But put on those big girl panties sistah … the real world has begun. But go into it with an open mind and an open heart.
Paige always remember to love yourself for who you are. DON’T CHANGE FOR ANYONE!! Take me time, get to know yourself. Don’t worry about what others think. Blow them off! I remember Heidi quoting “Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” And this is true. You know this – you’ve experienced this first hand! (Remember that conversation we had in the car this evening! This blog is the reason I couldn’t put my words into sentences because I knew I had this planned all along … YOU KNOW THEY DON’T MATTER!) You are an awesome and amazing person, just the way you are! Never change that!! You will make mistakes … its ok, we all do! (Me more than anyone probably) Forgive yourself! You deserve it! Make new friends. We all know you are great at this (mom and I talked one time and she said “Courtney, Paige has friends EVERYWHERE, from Morgan City/Berwick/Patterson to Charenton/Franklin/Centerville!! Y’all never had that many people for me to keep up with, yall stay local with your friends – but not her. And my reply was, you are right mom, but how amazing is that!) And I stand by that today – you are a person that can make an impression on anyone – Keep it up. Friendship can change your life, everyone needs a few good friends. The friends you have are lucky to have you! Don’t get too busy for them – sometimes as we grow up that happens. L Don’t judge others. You NEVER NEVER know what battles they are facing on the inside. You have been judged and you know first hand the pain that brings! So remember think before you speak (even though sometimes that’s hard for us- I know I know- I said I am working on these things too sis) Accept people the way that they are. You never know who will become your new best friend! You may someday have to forgive some of your friends. Forgiveness is necessary and freeing!!!!!  Learn to let go sis! It’s hard I know I struggle with it daily! At convention Heidi quoted someone saying “To forgive is to set a prisoner FREE and discover that the prisoner is YOU!” Gosh this is so true! Holding on to anger will hurt you more than anyone else (remember that car conversation again? –it’s time to let it go my love – as hard as it is for me to type these words because I know the pain you feel from what was done – you must let it go for you to move forward – SHOW THEM – SHOW THE WORLD!) It’s not always easy to let it go –but that we must do. Too much time spent on the things we cannot change allows those things to eat away at our character and change the person that you are trying to become, Heidi said, and she IS right! Don’t let it change the person you are baby girl! You are so much better than that!  She quoted an author saying “There is nothing simple or easy about forgiveness, it’s one of the costliest gifts we are called upon to give!” We are supposed to forgive the ones that hurt us! As hard as it is, I know this from personal issues I have going on myself, we must do it! Forgiveness FREES US to move on and choose what is good and right and to learn to let it go! Heidi said, forgiveness is not only about others, its about yourself too! She’s right! Don’t forget to forgive yourself too sis! You will make mistakes as you walk along this journey of life – you will do things and say that that you just WISH you could take back, we all do! Don’t dwell on your mistakes. Don’t live with regret! If you hurt someone, ask for forgiveness! It happens, its life! You must live it one day at a time, but enjoy every single moment of it! It will pass you by before you know it! Sometimes we have to do things in life even if you are afraid, uncomfortable, even if it’s hard, and even when it hurts! Do it for YOU! YOU DESERVE IT!
“Laugh often, cry when needed, and love deeply.” At convention Heidi said, “Laughter is life lubricant.” It is Paige, it so it. Enjoy every minute of what you do. Live your life! Laughter connects you to other people to friends, to family, to everyone! Don’t be afraid to cry once in a while .. its ok, its normal, its healthy! Love with all your heart!! Love GOD first and foremost, he will get you through this journey, I KNOW! Love your family, your friends, love yourself, love what you do! If you don’t love what you do it will be just a job! You see on facebook just how many people have JOBS and how many people actually love what they do! (PS .. no one ever had a smart big sister like me – hahahahhaha just clowning) Be inspired! Inspire others! Always lend a helping hand! God sees it all sis, and he will pay you back tenfold if you follow as he commands! Stand up for what is right! If you don’t who will? Don’t be like me don’t judge that lady for a tantruming baby in Wal-Mart! Stand up for what’s right!!! We live in a cruel cruel world sis, you will learn that fast! Make the world a better place, make people understand – not just Autism because you know that’s my pride and joy, but everything! You may lose friends over it – that’s ok – they were not your friends to begin with if that’s the case! You will inspire others to do the same – I promise! You will change the world! Heidi quoted “What’s wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it, and what’s right is right even if no one is doing it!” Remember that! It’ll be easy to slip into the crowd. But do your thing! Continue doing as you have always done! Billy Grahmn says “Courage is contagious.” So very very true! Courage doesn’t just come over night either .. it will take time. You may take 27 years  and a life changing experience like myself to learn to stand up and be courageous, but it’ll come, I know this! Life isn’t always easy! You know – you have felt heartache and pain in your life. But remember there are NO shortcuts in life! Success is not handed to you! You have to work for it sis! And work hard!!! Dream big! Bigger than the sky! If you don’t dream big you will never know what you are capable of in life. Find inspiration in those dreams! Honor them, cherish them, and last but not least ACHIEVE THEM!!!! Don’t worry while you are trying to achieve these dreams you will come to walls …. My advice will be don’t succumb to that wall .. find a way over it, around it, or under it! NEVER EVER EVER SUCCUMB to that wall!! (The devil in disguise one might say – don’t  let him win Paige). A few things Heidi talked about in her speech that I encourage you to do that I never did were .. make a bucket list (how fun would this be right???) Make a list of places you want to go, things you want to do, dream about those things that will bring you joy! Make a commitment to do them!! YOLO RIGHT??? Don’t let anything hold you back .. we aren’t going anywhere! READ READ READ! Reading opens your mind – I’ve learned this since Kiptyn’s Autism diagnosis! Pick books that entertain you, or teach you, or inspire you, otherwise you’ll get bored. (psstt… I said you’re a mini me .. I know these things) Keep a journal so you can go back one day and laugh and cry over all that you have accomplished in your life!
After all that rambling I hope you can take those lessons as you leave the nest and put them to work. I hope you put your mind to it and achieve all that you deserve! I hope you continue through life just the way you have the last 17 years and continue to make myself, mom, Jadi, Justin, and the rest of everyone else so VERY VERY PROUD OF YOU! Live your life to the fullest my love, never forgetting your roots, but soaring your wings and flying!!

Can’t wait to watch you achieve this outstanding milestone in your life!!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

So much progress PLUS lessons learned

Well wow I have some updating to do … so bear with me if I get kind of jabber jaws! So much amazingness to share in just one little blog!!

Well I know you are dying to know about the crumb snatchers progress … well I am just dying to tell you. He is doing phenomenal (I taught my school kiddos this word and I love to hear them use it!) Kiptyn’s doctor actually believes that he will be talking again SOON – like really soon!! OH MY GOSH, like a moms dream come true!! When this all began in March of 2012 I wasn’t sure exactly what was taking place but I just knew (mommy’s instinct) that something was NOT right! Needless to say, as most of you already know, within 4 short months my sweet baby blue lost EVERYTHING!! Language, eye contact, interest in humans all together. WORST NIGHTMARE right before my eyes!! During this time I read a million books, took classes, learned new techniques and such to work with Kiptyn, and read a million blogs of moms just like myself. One blogger made a list of the things that she hoped her baby boy would one day accomplish. So I decided to do the same. I wrote my own list, and similar to the other lady, I decided to cross Kiptyn’s progress off as he achieved each thing. Nothing in my mind EVER told me that he will NEVER be able to reach every goal on my list. I KNEW HE WOULD! I KNOW HE WILL!!! Check it out below … 

CHECK OUT THAT PROGESS! I never imagined after 1 year using homeopathy we would have 5 of 7 things scratched off!!  Plus, I could probably scratch off the mom one, because sometimes I swear he says it but I refuse to scratch it off until I hear the good ole “momma, momma, mom, mommmaaaa” that drives many of you crazy from your own children. That day I’ll be jumping up and down just as happy as if I heard him say the next curse word. A WORD IS A WORD in our house! God forbid it be something he “shouldn’t” say, but unfortunately that will make me just as happy!! When those last two things can be scratched off my list … I’ll share! Soon I’ll be making a new list too … Because as time goes on I want to continue to be able to physically see this progress. Even if it’s just a number scratched out on a paper .. it makes my world go round!

So as you can see the kiddo is doing so much more. As I type tonight he is currently playing with my hair on side of me. (Please disregard how ratchet I look – it’s almost bedtime) He loves when I leave my hair wet and he can run his fingers through my hair over and over. It’s a sensory thing folks. I can’t tell you how much it means for him to crawl up and pull my face to his to make sure we make eye contact, then sit on side of me and run those tiny fingers through my hair. It may seem like not a big deal I know, but this is the same kiddo that used to not care of my existence!! Bath time is still our favorite time EVER .. as you can see he loves submerging himself in the water and just “chillin’.” Another sensory deal!! So overall you can probably hear the excitement in my typing as I tell you .. THE BOY IS GETTING BETTER .. one day at a time, but OH DEFINTELY in time! I am so optimistic, more optimistic than I have ever been in my life, when it comes to Kiptyn’s progress!! I can remember the looks of doubt from people when I told them the path I was choosing to take with Kiptyn regarding homeopathy! Although my kiddo is not completely “cured” I have a feeling that this day is coming!! I have a feeling that God is definitely standing behind us through this journey and assuring that we continue to do what is right for Kiptyn’s progress and success! I am so glad that I stuck with my gut and did what I felt was necessary for my child, regardless of the nay Sayers, or the pessimist, or the people that were just unsure and scared for me. I am glad that I stood on my own two feet with the support of many and did what I knew was best, and what I felt that God was leading me to do for my kiddo!!! I cannot wait for the day that I can share my complete testimony with everyone. Until that day we will continue on our journey helping to get my love better day by day and sharing this great progress with you.

But for now I will share with you one of my many lessons learned throughout this process. I have learned that obviously God felt I was capable of being a parent, not just any parent – a parent of a child with special needs. God knew that this child would teach me things daily. His purpose for putting Kiptyn in my life is completely obvious to me! I was forced to grow up and learn to suck it up and put others first – all things I was not ready for, so I thought! I was forced to be an adult, to make my own decisions, and sometimes to even turn away from the opinions and voices of those that I thought I would never have to do such a thing. I was forced to make my own decisions regarding my life, my child’s life, and our future. Of course I listened to everyone’s side, everyone’s opinion; likewise, I was impacted by a lot of the advice, but as I stood at the end, the only person that could make the final decisions for what the future held for my baby boy, was me! Of course I knew Joey would stand behind me and I am more than grateful that he did because if not this process would not have gone as smoothly as it continues to go.  But I stand before you today to tell you my friends, sometimes we have to learn to “grow up and put our big girl panties on and deal” regardless of what “others think” or what “others may say.” Only YOU know what’s best for YOU! What worked for others will not necessarily work for YOU! The life that others live, may not be the life God intended for you to live. The life your parents lived may not be the life you are fortunate enough to reproduce; however, it’s up to you to make you happy and keep you happy!! Life’s too short my friends! Let it go and enjoy the little things before they are taken from you without notice!! 

New Year ... Loved Kiddo ... Funny boy!

Yeah so ... i wrote this in January and just realized i never shared it ... Great Job Courtney! Lol 

New Year with lots of NEW to come! Can you believe January is already almost over??? A million times I have thought of things that I wanted to write to you about but we were busy enjoying our sweet baby blue as he progresses his way through this path we are strolling along at the moment. So many thing have happened.. Me & Kiptyn both caught the Flu over the Christmas holiday; (P.S. homeopathy cured his 1 trillion times faster than mine) Kiptyn turned 3 years old (my gosh I think I’m still in denial about this) and we had his big Birthday party! Needless to say he had absolutely no interest in being outside with everyone enjoying the Birthday festivities. He peacefully enjoyed himself inside on his Uncle Adams recliner watching his YouTube Videos. Leading us parents to make the ultimate decision that I am not sure big birthday parties are such a great idea anymore. He had the time of his life after everyone left in the fun jump and playing with all of his new toys!! Who would have known I could have just rented a fun jump and invited a few fellas from Hanagriff’s over and the kiddo would have been in hog heaven! Of course, when birthday number 4 comes, we will reevaluate the situation and make our ultimate decision from there!

Great announcement – JOEY and I are going to be a NANNY and PARAN! Oh my gosh what an honor! Check out the cutest way ever that my sister decided to ask us to take on this huge responsibility that we cannot wait to fulfill for Jadi and Andy and baby Lanclos.

So, I sit here on this “snow day” in South Louisiana – yeah we never expected to have one of those! How did this happen again? Two days from work gave me the opportunity to catch up on so much and sit back and see how much the smallest things mean to me. Last week we had an iced day too … and of course Kiptyn & I were super stir crazy so we went shopping in town. After a while of shopping the kiddo got aggravated of course – so I rushed to make it out of the store before things got too bad. While waiting to check out the sweetest lady ever said “it’s amazing how I can look at you and see how much you truly LOVE your son.” She continued “you look at him with that love that just cannot be described, that love that I had for my own children.” In this moment, I think I was a bit awe struck! I just nicely said “aww thank you.” And after all this I wanted to tell her so much more. I wanted to let her know just how much that meant. That she could actually see my love for my sweet baby in a moment that was probably stressing me out more than anything because I knew a tantrum was soon to follow if we didn’t leave soon. So often I get caught up dealing with the situations that arise with Kiptyn and I am constantly putting up the guard ready for negative comments to arise and ready to defend him in every way possible; that when moments like this – pure genuine honesty – arise I am proven that “I am not doing a bad job after all.” Probably not the best, but the best I can. I think as parents we all question our abilities, but I certainly believe that those of us that are parents of children with disabilities/special needs, large or small, probably question ourselves ten times more than the others. Knowing that others, including strangers, see this makes me so much more confident that I am doing all the right things.

So the small things .. I have to share these two stories that made me laugh because my son cracks me up daily with all of the hilarious things he does that makes me so proud of his progress!! So I praised Kiptyn one night because I was so proud of him for eating all of his pancakes and waffles. I told the boys that he was eating so much more than before and I couldn't believe he ate all that food. Only when we were ready to leave did I notice this …….

yeah- that’s my kid being a typical kid soaking up the glory for something he knows dern good and well he did not do! He stuffed the pancakes in my shoe!!! Was he saving them for later? Or telling me he didn't like the kicks? Or trying to sucker fool his mom? Probably all of the above; however, I could only laugh!

Well now last night Kiptyn had another one of those nights that he decided he wanted to party at bed time and eat. So Joey gave him a few marshmallows and cookies & they went to bed. Kiptyn with cookies in hand let me let you know. I laughed secretly because I didn't know if Joey had saw him grab them all in his hand as they left the kitchen table. After I took my bath and went to bed I laid down and felt something under me. To my surprise it was three small vanilla wafers. Guess the joke was on me right? LOL … No worries when he woke up he saw I had placed them on the night stand and he swooped them up to finish them off! HA – No wasting in the King household! HA ---- The kid cracks me up! 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Thankful for SO much!

So with Thanksgiving quickly approaching us, I figured I would take a few minutes to express my sincere gratefulness during this week that we should all take a minute to recall the things that we are Thankful for in our lives. And don’t say I have nothing to be thankful for because I will argue with you and tell you there is always ALWAYS ALWAYS something to be thankful for my friend!

With that being said I will mention my most recent thankful moment; and that was watching my closest cousin, my best friend since nine months after birth, marry her new best friend. For all our lives it has always been the two of us; whether it was wanting to kill one another or ready to kill someone for the other, OR arguing over who was right or proving the world we were ALWAYS right, OR laughing at one another for how ridiculous we looked or laughing at EVERYONE ELSE for how ridiculous THEY look, we have been there for one another no matter what. And I am more thankful than ever that I was able to stand beside her as she vowed to begin a new life with a new best friend, her husband. In that moment we made new memories that we will laugh about for years; however, in this moment I am overly thankful that I was able to be here for this day that meant more to her than words can ever explain. I am ecstatic to watch her family continue to grow and to continue to be here to set her straight, listen to her sorrows, slaughter anyone who crushes her dreams, and do all of the other things that I have always done, just taking a tiny step backwards and allowing her new best friend to pick up where I have now stepped back.  Granted he has big shoes to fill, but I have no doubt that he will be able to do so just right. She wouldn’t have picked him if he couldn’t manage the task. I’ll help him out when he needs, poor fella, he will probably need assistance … LOL ! Congrats to you both and I look forward to the many memories our families will make together as the years fly us by. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

Next I am thankful for my parents. Unlike most people I was fortunate enough to have four. Which meant someone was always watching – so if you think I was a sneaky child that only means that I was extra good because I had four of them to sneak around. HAHA just clowning folks!!!! I am very thankful for the lessons these four people taught me throughout my life. From the cooking lessons, the solid Christian upbringing, the punishments, the vein test, the humiliations, the cold bust, the whippings, the outdoor loving, independent lessons, to the little things I continue to learn from them daily, I cannot Thank God enough for blessing me with these people. They allow me as an adult to see the things I want so badly to continue with Kiptyn and the things I will choose not to continue with his generation. They have, together helped me to become the person that I have become today. Granted I still have a lot of growing to do, but I am certain they will continue to guide me through this journey of life. Losing one of the four was more difficult than I ever imagined but Gods plan revealed itself as he brought a new parent into my life within this time frame that I have no doubts can do as great of a job as the rest with my siblings and I as we continue to learn life lessons that will teach us daily.

That now brings me to me being ever so thankful for my siblings. Being the oldest of four it required me to grow up a little faster because I had big sister duties that had to be met. Sometimes I forget they are ALL almost grown themselves and the big sister guard must come down a little to let them live and learn for themselves. As I am asked the question I cannot answer at the moment “Will y’all have more children?” I hurt to think that Kiptyn may not be able to experience the love of siblings like I was given the opportunity to experience. Without my siblings I truly don’t know where I would be. Now that we are all older I appreciate them more now than ever. They understand me and my situations better than anyone else and vice versa. Only my siblings can have you ready to kill them in one minute, yet squeezing the life out of them with hugs the next, OR having traumatizing events on the dates that COULD NOT be forgotten even if we tried, OR give our parents/grandparents heart attacks with the genius pranks we pull on them, OR stop talking to one another for periods of time then realize that life is too short to not forgive and LOVE one another no matter what!! We all four are very different yet, more alike than anyone can imagine. I am so thankful that my parents gave me the opportunity to have siblings because I truly cannot imagine life without them.

I am also thankful for the other members of my family that I have not mentioned. Gods plan is so amazing – and realizing that when you sit back and examine your families make-up is just as amazing. People are married into your family for reasons unknown to us most of the time, but as time progresses we can only be grateful for the multitude of things that these people bring to our lives. Not all family is blood. Some family consists of the friends that become closer than blood relatives have ever been. Those friends that have helped you through life changing things or that you have helped through life changing events. These friends, I believe, God put them in your life for a special reason. We may not be able to see that reason just yet; however, it is not coincidental. For this, I am thankful for the friends that we have. They are so true to us as we are to them. True friendship is hard to find and I am thankful that Joey & I can stand tall and say we have found those friends that have become family.

I am also thankful for my AMAZING husband. I’m sure you read all about him in a past blog of mine, but I will add more to top him off. The things that Joey and I face on a daily basis truly blow me out of the water. Not many husbands could stand as strong as Joey does knowing loyalty when he sees it. Not many husbands could be faced with traumatizing news and stand strong as a rock for his family. Not many husbands can overlook the petty and realize the importance of his family. But I can tell you, I do have one of the MANY husbands that CAN do these things. I have one of the husbands that will work harder than most to provide the things for his family. The husband that will lay down his life for the ones he loves. And I am more grateful than ever to call him mine. I am so glad that God picked him for me and I was able to see just what he had in store for me. Love you babe, couldn't do it without you for sure!

One of the most important, I am thankful for my crumb snatcher! He has given me the most life I could ever imagine. He not only has brought me the joys of motherhood, but SO much more. He has shown me a completely different side of existence. He has given me new eyes. A new way of looking at things. New outlooks on life. New approaches at future ideas. A new attitude. And last but not least a new heart. I love the idea that when I had a child I thought I would have to teach him so much, I cannot wait to one day let him know exactly how much more he has taught me. He has showed me the meaning to the saying “don’t sweat the small stuff.” He has allowed me to see the “little things that matter most.” He has kept me from doing so much yet allowed me to do more than I ever imagined. He has been my guide as we battle Autism together – me only shielding him from the negative until I can make them understand too. He has shown me the true meaning of Faith. He has made me believe that NO one can EVER tell you that you CAN NOT or WILL NOT be able to do something – because you CAN and WILL if you choose. He has made me appreciate life and people so much more. He has made my life so much better than I could have ever dreamed. He is our rock! He is our baby blue. He is our child! We LOVE you to the MOON and back Kiptyn!

Last but certainly not least, I am Thankful for God. Without him I would not be able to be thankful for all of the things listed above. I am thankful that I was able to maintain my faith throughout all of the trials and tribulations that I have faced and will face as my life continues. I am thankful for the people God has placed into my life and even more thankful for the ones that he has removed from my life. I am thankful that God has given me eyes to see things differently, eyes to forgive, eyes to turn away when I’m tempted to overreact, eyes to watch and learn, eyes to see karma return its favors, and eyes to love the true people in my life. I am thankful that God has transformed me – changed me – and will be waiting patiently for me while I finish my work here on Earth. Until then I will praise his name and enjoy the opportunities like this one that I have to testify to you all of the millions of things/people that I have been blessed to have in my life.

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving this year and that you can take a few minutes to realize all the amazing things/people that you have to be thankful for and the creator that allowed you to have those things/people!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A little past over due .....

Long overdue I know ….. Gosh, it amazes me how fast life will pass us by if we don’t take a moment to stop and smell the roses & enjoy the moments that we are given on a daily basis. One of the MANY positive things that Kiptyn has taught us on this “journey” of parenthood is that even when our roads may detour from the original path planned, we always find our way back to the original path headed straight for GREAT things.
Well with GREAT things being mentioned, I’m super excited to share all of our GREAT news that is unfolding around us daily. Besides my brothers sweet baby boy Micah gracing us with his presence 3 weeks early; and my Aunt Kim anxiously awaiting the arrival of her baby boy in the next few weeks, we will also be welcoming a THIRD baby boy into the world from Kiptyn’s favorite NANNY and Uncle Andy!!!!!! We were super excited for the news of a NANNY having a baby – although we crossed our fingers for a princess to follow ALL of these boys – we WERE even more ecstatic to learn that IT’S ANOTHER BOY!!! We will stay wealthy for a while longer I suppose (you know girl clothes are so much cuter, which means so much more money spent, and we spend enough on our boys, can you imagine girls?!?)  
We voted boy, but I was holding my breath for a girl I tell ya! (TEAM B O Y NOT A GIRL?)

And in other great news, WE ARE NOW HOME OWNERS! We bought my Great Great Great Aunt’s house in Centerville. We are currently in the process of making some minor renovations that will allow us to call this place our new “home.” I cannot wait to share all of the “before” and “after” pictures with everyone. It’s truly amazing how things are just falling into place day by day for us. Although our family has stood by us, and continues to support us daily with the challenges we face, we can only give the credit where it is 100% due. Without our faith in God I can certainly stand before you and tell you we would not be here today. It took for me to completely let go of the wheel and say “ok God, show me, guide me, what are your plans for us?”  And daily he is doing just that. I can honestly say it’s nothing more than a blessing than to watch God’s plan unfold before your very eyes. I’m not claiming to be perfect at all … and I’m not saying that sometimes I didn’t “question” things, but without my Faith I wouldn’t be able to share the things that I can now share with you and the world about me, my family, and my sweet baby blue!
Since we have bought the house, Joey and crew have been working extra hard to get things done. When we took on the task of remodeling everyone warned me of the “drama” that followed remodeling/building a home. Well fortunately I can tell you I haven’t run into that “drama” yet. This experience has been a pleasant one so far. (In future blog post I may beg to differ) Taking on a project this big requires a lot of time, fortunately we are blessed with parents who still allow us to live with them, and family who take care of our sweet baby anytime we request, to help us fulfill this dream of getting back on our own again! This journey with our new home has just begun but I cannot wait to share all of the good/bad/and ugly with everyone as we embark on yet another adventure!
With that being said, these past few months have revealed many inspiring things to our surface such as friends coming around more often, our family growing closer together, adding new friends, revealed true colors of some, and made us realize how much our friends and family truly mean to us. This past weekend we were able to celebrate Joey’s 30th birthday with so many of our close friends and family that are so dear to our hearts. These people know Joey and I for who we truly are, know us personally, and know the kind of people that we are. As I look back on the pictures of this celebration all I can do is be grateful for the people that God has put in our lives. Each and every one of them has a special meaning to us and we will continue to treasure these relationships throughout years to come.
Similar to those detours I mentioned earlier that Kiptyn reroutes us for, we sometimes run into road blocks, dead ends that require us to turn around and go back the way we came. Things that happened in our lives or things that are said that could destroy us or make us look unworthy. Those moments are the moments that make friendship/family the most important people in your life. Kiptyn has given me a completely new outlook on things and it’s truly fascinating. It humors me when I sit back and imagine how I would have previously reacted to situations and how I now respond to them. It’s true evidence of God’s sense of humor and I LOVE it! God gave me that child that I said would NEVER scream in Wal-Mart (yeah I was that mom saying “if that were my child I would beat his tail!”), that child that I said would NEVER sleep in the bed with Joey and I (guess where he is as I type), and the list can continue on and on but I’m not because I’m sure you’re getting the same kick out of this as I do. But it leads me to my point of the importance of the “right” kind of people to have in your life. My mom always preached that “Misery loves company” and Lord knows that momma knows her stuff. But with that same idea I ran across something in one of the books I’m reading that said “A negative thinker sees a difficulty in every opportunity. A positive thinker sees an opportunity in every difficulty.” WOW – Strong words huh? So I am grateful to say that we are surrounded by positive/strong minded people that undoubtedly will help us as well as allow us to help them walk through this crazy world we temporarily are occupying. A wise friend told me a quote she heard the other day … her exact words that will not leave my head ever were “you know Courtney, I want to share with you a quote that I heard on the radio this morning on my way to work … “Small minds talk about people, Average minds talk about events, and GREAT minds talk about ideas!” now you take that how you choose baby, but isn’t that powerful.” Typing that quote brings tears to my eyes just as it did the moment she told me that. Because with age comes knowledge and this lady has knowledge unlike no other. Powerful it is. Take it or leave it my friends. It’s your life, you choose the path – but be careful I advise, speed bumps, road blocks, and caution lights are meant to slow us down for a reason!!
SOOOOOOOOO now that Preacher Courtney has left the pulpit … I bring to you the reason you are here in the first place. To hear about the cutest stinkin’ blonde hair blue eyed kid Joey & I could have EVER created!!!!!!! Well I am MORE than happy to tell you he is doing PHENOMENAL (like that word huh Auntie Tara?)!!!! I told you in my last post that Kiptyn’s homeopath moved him to another remedy and we have had nothing but GREAT GREAT responses so far!!! Kiptyn is by far the happiest kid EVER now!! Melt downs? What’s that? Although I’m terrified that I will jinx myself because I just typed that, I’m almost positive to say I think that we are DONE with the MAJOR melt downs we use to see. WOW! What does that mean? My boy is changing!! Oh how I love change! Now don’t get me wrong, he throws his little typical two year old tantrums as we pass Mickie D’s and we don’t stop – but did you hear that word I used? I said “typical.” Although, now that this journey is making me so stinkin’ smart, I don’t know if I want to have that “typical” kid anymore. Who am I kidding? Of course I do, but I wouldn’t trade my little lesson teaching, couch crashin’ munchkin for anything in the entire world. Anyways, Kiptyn’s progress is just blowing us out of the water. Even his therapists are just astonished with all of his improvements. He tested a few weeks ago for his exit evaluation from the Early Steps program, because he will now be transitioned to the SMP Office of Special Services for his therapies because of his age, and the Occupational therapist that has screened Kiptyn every six months since he was 18 months could not believe the improvements she is seeing with him. She read things to me from the report she made when he began to the things he is doing now and I could do nothing but shed happy tears. Who would have thought my kiddo would be just as head strong has his momma and PROVE the world wrong one day at a time!?!?!!! Most of the time Kiptyn enjoys rough play with anyone who will give him the time of day. It gives him the sensory stimulation that he is lacking due to his Sensory Processing Disorder. So, if you have been over lately and seen us throwing him to the roof and crashing him into the sofa, you understand why. He loves grabbing his Nini or Paw from the table dinner table, as soon as they finish eating (and no worries, he politely tiptoes past the table looking out of the corner of his eyes to see if their plates are empty, and grabs & pulls them to the sofa if so, or runs away and waits a few seconds before checking again for the empty plates – well I guess the plus is some manners are being instilled in that big noggin of his, don’t interrupt at the dinner table? Must eat all food before we play? Who taught this kid this by the way?) Anyways, he loves his grandparents – all of them, because of course they give him the food mom wont, or they let him do all the things he wants like typical grandparents do. So often, Joey and I watch as he enjoys his time with my dad and Stacey. Well tonight Kiptyn asked Joey to toss him around (well ya know the kiddo is non-verbal but don’t think he can’t communicate – ya boy definitely took the phone from Joey’s hand and pulled him off the loveseat and to the big couch and jumped into his hand as to say – “throw me like Paw does.”) Well I immediately grabbed the camera to film because Kiptyn was loving it. Well the honoree 2 year old he is, of course he didn’t laugh like he was before the camera because he knew I was NOW taping. But after a few minutes of rest for Joey (Kiptyn reminds him of his non exercising AGE) Kiptyn was ready to go again. Check out this video

Did you see that?? Joey asked for a kiss and he gave it to him. If that didn’t melt your heart I don’t know if you have one. Not sure if you can hear me in the background but if you can you definitely hear the crying laughter of one of the happiest mommies alive!! That’s the same kiddo that I was lead to believe that would probably never show emotion to us again!!! TAKE THAT AUTISM!!!!!!!!!

Well likewise, while I’m on my “kicking autism in the butt mode” I remembered a video I taped of Kiptyn and I a few mornings ago playing on the iPad. Of course, I was late for school because moments like this mean more to me than getting to school on time ANY DAY! I had just downloaded a new shape game on my iPad for my kiddos at school to learn and Kiptyn sat with me as I opened this shape game for the first time, and of course he had it mastered before the video was over – but the point is he sat with me, interacting, laughing, focusing for a period of time, once again KICKING AUTISM’S ASSSSSSS!!!!!! Kiptyn – 2 Autism – 0.