Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A little past over due .....

Long overdue I know ….. Gosh, it amazes me how fast life will pass us by if we don’t take a moment to stop and smell the roses & enjoy the moments that we are given on a daily basis. One of the MANY positive things that Kiptyn has taught us on this “journey” of parenthood is that even when our roads may detour from the original path planned, we always find our way back to the original path headed straight for GREAT things.
Well with GREAT things being mentioned, I’m super excited to share all of our GREAT news that is unfolding around us daily. Besides my brothers sweet baby boy Micah gracing us with his presence 3 weeks early; and my Aunt Kim anxiously awaiting the arrival of her baby boy in the next few weeks, we will also be welcoming a THIRD baby boy into the world from Kiptyn’s favorite NANNY and Uncle Andy!!!!!! We were super excited for the news of a NANNY having a baby – although we crossed our fingers for a princess to follow ALL of these boys – we WERE even more ecstatic to learn that IT’S ANOTHER BOY!!! We will stay wealthy for a while longer I suppose (you know girl clothes are so much cuter, which means so much more money spent, and we spend enough on our boys, can you imagine girls?!?)  
We voted boy, but I was holding my breath for a girl I tell ya! (TEAM B O Y NOT A GIRL?)

And in other great news, WE ARE NOW HOME OWNERS! We bought my Great Great Great Aunt’s house in Centerville. We are currently in the process of making some minor renovations that will allow us to call this place our new “home.” I cannot wait to share all of the “before” and “after” pictures with everyone. It’s truly amazing how things are just falling into place day by day for us. Although our family has stood by us, and continues to support us daily with the challenges we face, we can only give the credit where it is 100% due. Without our faith in God I can certainly stand before you and tell you we would not be here today. It took for me to completely let go of the wheel and say “ok God, show me, guide me, what are your plans for us?”  And daily he is doing just that. I can honestly say it’s nothing more than a blessing than to watch God’s plan unfold before your very eyes. I’m not claiming to be perfect at all … and I’m not saying that sometimes I didn’t “question” things, but without my Faith I wouldn’t be able to share the things that I can now share with you and the world about me, my family, and my sweet baby blue!
Since we have bought the house, Joey and crew have been working extra hard to get things done. When we took on the task of remodeling everyone warned me of the “drama” that followed remodeling/building a home. Well fortunately I can tell you I haven’t run into that “drama” yet. This experience has been a pleasant one so far. (In future blog post I may beg to differ) Taking on a project this big requires a lot of time, fortunately we are blessed with parents who still allow us to live with them, and family who take care of our sweet baby anytime we request, to help us fulfill this dream of getting back on our own again! This journey with our new home has just begun but I cannot wait to share all of the good/bad/and ugly with everyone as we embark on yet another adventure!
With that being said, these past few months have revealed many inspiring things to our surface such as friends coming around more often, our family growing closer together, adding new friends, revealed true colors of some, and made us realize how much our friends and family truly mean to us. This past weekend we were able to celebrate Joey’s 30th birthday with so many of our close friends and family that are so dear to our hearts. These people know Joey and I for who we truly are, know us personally, and know the kind of people that we are. As I look back on the pictures of this celebration all I can do is be grateful for the people that God has put in our lives. Each and every one of them has a special meaning to us and we will continue to treasure these relationships throughout years to come.
Similar to those detours I mentioned earlier that Kiptyn reroutes us for, we sometimes run into road blocks, dead ends that require us to turn around and go back the way we came. Things that happened in our lives or things that are said that could destroy us or make us look unworthy. Those moments are the moments that make friendship/family the most important people in your life. Kiptyn has given me a completely new outlook on things and it’s truly fascinating. It humors me when I sit back and imagine how I would have previously reacted to situations and how I now respond to them. It’s true evidence of God’s sense of humor and I LOVE it! God gave me that child that I said would NEVER scream in Wal-Mart (yeah I was that mom saying “if that were my child I would beat his tail!”), that child that I said would NEVER sleep in the bed with Joey and I (guess where he is as I type), and the list can continue on and on but I’m not because I’m sure you’re getting the same kick out of this as I do. But it leads me to my point of the importance of the “right” kind of people to have in your life. My mom always preached that “Misery loves company” and Lord knows that momma knows her stuff. But with that same idea I ran across something in one of the books I’m reading that said “A negative thinker sees a difficulty in every opportunity. A positive thinker sees an opportunity in every difficulty.” WOW – Strong words huh? So I am grateful to say that we are surrounded by positive/strong minded people that undoubtedly will help us as well as allow us to help them walk through this crazy world we temporarily are occupying. A wise friend told me a quote she heard the other day … her exact words that will not leave my head ever were “you know Courtney, I want to share with you a quote that I heard on the radio this morning on my way to work … “Small minds talk about people, Average minds talk about events, and GREAT minds talk about ideas!” now you take that how you choose baby, but isn’t that powerful.” Typing that quote brings tears to my eyes just as it did the moment she told me that. Because with age comes knowledge and this lady has knowledge unlike no other. Powerful it is. Take it or leave it my friends. It’s your life, you choose the path – but be careful I advise, speed bumps, road blocks, and caution lights are meant to slow us down for a reason!!
SOOOOOOOOO now that Preacher Courtney has left the pulpit … I bring to you the reason you are here in the first place. To hear about the cutest stinkin’ blonde hair blue eyed kid Joey & I could have EVER created!!!!!!! Well I am MORE than happy to tell you he is doing PHENOMENAL (like that word huh Auntie Tara?)!!!! I told you in my last post that Kiptyn’s homeopath moved him to another remedy and we have had nothing but GREAT GREAT responses so far!!! Kiptyn is by far the happiest kid EVER now!! Melt downs? What’s that? Although I’m terrified that I will jinx myself because I just typed that, I’m almost positive to say I think that we are DONE with the MAJOR melt downs we use to see. WOW! What does that mean? My boy is changing!! Oh how I love change! Now don’t get me wrong, he throws his little typical two year old tantrums as we pass Mickie D’s and we don’t stop – but did you hear that word I used? I said “typical.” Although, now that this journey is making me so stinkin’ smart, I don’t know if I want to have that “typical” kid anymore. Who am I kidding? Of course I do, but I wouldn’t trade my little lesson teaching, couch crashin’ munchkin for anything in the entire world. Anyways, Kiptyn’s progress is just blowing us out of the water. Even his therapists are just astonished with all of his improvements. He tested a few weeks ago for his exit evaluation from the Early Steps program, because he will now be transitioned to the SMP Office of Special Services for his therapies because of his age, and the Occupational therapist that has screened Kiptyn every six months since he was 18 months could not believe the improvements she is seeing with him. She read things to me from the report she made when he began to the things he is doing now and I could do nothing but shed happy tears. Who would have thought my kiddo would be just as head strong has his momma and PROVE the world wrong one day at a time!?!?!!! Most of the time Kiptyn enjoys rough play with anyone who will give him the time of day. It gives him the sensory stimulation that he is lacking due to his Sensory Processing Disorder. So, if you have been over lately and seen us throwing him to the roof and crashing him into the sofa, you understand why. He loves grabbing his Nini or Paw from the table dinner table, as soon as they finish eating (and no worries, he politely tiptoes past the table looking out of the corner of his eyes to see if their plates are empty, and grabs & pulls them to the sofa if so, or runs away and waits a few seconds before checking again for the empty plates – well I guess the plus is some manners are being instilled in that big noggin of his, don’t interrupt at the dinner table? Must eat all food before we play? Who taught this kid this by the way?) Anyways, he loves his grandparents – all of them, because of course they give him the food mom wont, or they let him do all the things he wants like typical grandparents do. So often, Joey and I watch as he enjoys his time with my dad and Stacey. Well tonight Kiptyn asked Joey to toss him around (well ya know the kiddo is non-verbal but don’t think he can’t communicate – ya boy definitely took the phone from Joey’s hand and pulled him off the loveseat and to the big couch and jumped into his hand as to say – “throw me like Paw does.”) Well I immediately grabbed the camera to film because Kiptyn was loving it. Well the honoree 2 year old he is, of course he didn’t laugh like he was before the camera because he knew I was NOW taping. But after a few minutes of rest for Joey (Kiptyn reminds him of his non exercising AGE) Kiptyn was ready to go again. Check out this video

Did you see that?? Joey asked for a kiss and he gave it to him. If that didn’t melt your heart I don’t know if you have one. Not sure if you can hear me in the background but if you can you definitely hear the crying laughter of one of the happiest mommies alive!! That’s the same kiddo that I was lead to believe that would probably never show emotion to us again!!! TAKE THAT AUTISM!!!!!!!!!

Well likewise, while I’m on my “kicking autism in the butt mode” I remembered a video I taped of Kiptyn and I a few mornings ago playing on the iPad. Of course, I was late for school because moments like this mean more to me than getting to school on time ANY DAY! I had just downloaded a new shape game on my iPad for my kiddos at school to learn and Kiptyn sat with me as I opened this shape game for the first time, and of course he had it mastered before the video was over – but the point is he sat with me, interacting, laughing, focusing for a period of time, once again KICKING AUTISM’S ASSSSSSS!!!!!! Kiptyn – 2 Autism – 0.  

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