Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Year ... Loved Kiddo ... Funny boy!

Yeah so ... i wrote this in January and just realized i never shared it ... Great Job Courtney! Lol 

New Year with lots of NEW to come! Can you believe January is already almost over??? A million times I have thought of things that I wanted to write to you about but we were busy enjoying our sweet baby blue as he progresses his way through this path we are strolling along at the moment. So many thing have happened.. Me & Kiptyn both caught the Flu over the Christmas holiday; (P.S. homeopathy cured his 1 trillion times faster than mine) Kiptyn turned 3 years old (my gosh I think I’m still in denial about this) and we had his big Birthday party! Needless to say he had absolutely no interest in being outside with everyone enjoying the Birthday festivities. He peacefully enjoyed himself inside on his Uncle Adams recliner watching his YouTube Videos. Leading us parents to make the ultimate decision that I am not sure big birthday parties are such a great idea anymore. He had the time of his life after everyone left in the fun jump and playing with all of his new toys!! Who would have known I could have just rented a fun jump and invited a few fellas from Hanagriff’s over and the kiddo would have been in hog heaven! Of course, when birthday number 4 comes, we will reevaluate the situation and make our ultimate decision from there!

Great announcement – JOEY and I are going to be a NANNY and PARAN! Oh my gosh what an honor! Check out the cutest way ever that my sister decided to ask us to take on this huge responsibility that we cannot wait to fulfill for Jadi and Andy and baby Lanclos.

So, I sit here on this “snow day” in South Louisiana – yeah we never expected to have one of those! How did this happen again? Two days from work gave me the opportunity to catch up on so much and sit back and see how much the smallest things mean to me. Last week we had an iced day too … and of course Kiptyn & I were super stir crazy so we went shopping in town. After a while of shopping the kiddo got aggravated of course – so I rushed to make it out of the store before things got too bad. While waiting to check out the sweetest lady ever said “it’s amazing how I can look at you and see how much you truly LOVE your son.” She continued “you look at him with that love that just cannot be described, that love that I had for my own children.” In this moment, I think I was a bit awe struck! I just nicely said “aww thank you.” And after all this I wanted to tell her so much more. I wanted to let her know just how much that meant. That she could actually see my love for my sweet baby in a moment that was probably stressing me out more than anything because I knew a tantrum was soon to follow if we didn’t leave soon. So often I get caught up dealing with the situations that arise with Kiptyn and I am constantly putting up the guard ready for negative comments to arise and ready to defend him in every way possible; that when moments like this – pure genuine honesty – arise I am proven that “I am not doing a bad job after all.” Probably not the best, but the best I can. I think as parents we all question our abilities, but I certainly believe that those of us that are parents of children with disabilities/special needs, large or small, probably question ourselves ten times more than the others. Knowing that others, including strangers, see this makes me so much more confident that I am doing all the right things.

So the small things .. I have to share these two stories that made me laugh because my son cracks me up daily with all of the hilarious things he does that makes me so proud of his progress!! So I praised Kiptyn one night because I was so proud of him for eating all of his pancakes and waffles. I told the boys that he was eating so much more than before and I couldn't believe he ate all that food. Only when we were ready to leave did I notice this …….

yeah- that’s my kid being a typical kid soaking up the glory for something he knows dern good and well he did not do! He stuffed the pancakes in my shoe!!! Was he saving them for later? Or telling me he didn't like the kicks? Or trying to sucker fool his mom? Probably all of the above; however, I could only laugh!

Well now last night Kiptyn had another one of those nights that he decided he wanted to party at bed time and eat. So Joey gave him a few marshmallows and cookies & they went to bed. Kiptyn with cookies in hand let me let you know. I laughed secretly because I didn't know if Joey had saw him grab them all in his hand as they left the kitchen table. After I took my bath and went to bed I laid down and felt something under me. To my surprise it was three small vanilla wafers. Guess the joke was on me right? LOL … No worries when he woke up he saw I had placed them on the night stand and he swooped them up to finish them off! HA – No wasting in the King household! HA ---- The kid cracks me up! 

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