Wednesday, May 7, 2014

So much progress PLUS lessons learned

Well wow I have some updating to do … so bear with me if I get kind of jabber jaws! So much amazingness to share in just one little blog!!

Well I know you are dying to know about the crumb snatchers progress … well I am just dying to tell you. He is doing phenomenal (I taught my school kiddos this word and I love to hear them use it!) Kiptyn’s doctor actually believes that he will be talking again SOON – like really soon!! OH MY GOSH, like a moms dream come true!! When this all began in March of 2012 I wasn’t sure exactly what was taking place but I just knew (mommy’s instinct) that something was NOT right! Needless to say, as most of you already know, within 4 short months my sweet baby blue lost EVERYTHING!! Language, eye contact, interest in humans all together. WORST NIGHTMARE right before my eyes!! During this time I read a million books, took classes, learned new techniques and such to work with Kiptyn, and read a million blogs of moms just like myself. One blogger made a list of the things that she hoped her baby boy would one day accomplish. So I decided to do the same. I wrote my own list, and similar to the other lady, I decided to cross Kiptyn’s progress off as he achieved each thing. Nothing in my mind EVER told me that he will NEVER be able to reach every goal on my list. I KNEW HE WOULD! I KNOW HE WILL!!! Check it out below … 

CHECK OUT THAT PROGESS! I never imagined after 1 year using homeopathy we would have 5 of 7 things scratched off!!  Plus, I could probably scratch off the mom one, because sometimes I swear he says it but I refuse to scratch it off until I hear the good ole “momma, momma, mom, mommmaaaa” that drives many of you crazy from your own children. That day I’ll be jumping up and down just as happy as if I heard him say the next curse word. A WORD IS A WORD in our house! God forbid it be something he “shouldn’t” say, but unfortunately that will make me just as happy!! When those last two things can be scratched off my list … I’ll share! Soon I’ll be making a new list too … Because as time goes on I want to continue to be able to physically see this progress. Even if it’s just a number scratched out on a paper .. it makes my world go round!

So as you can see the kiddo is doing so much more. As I type tonight he is currently playing with my hair on side of me. (Please disregard how ratchet I look – it’s almost bedtime) He loves when I leave my hair wet and he can run his fingers through my hair over and over. It’s a sensory thing folks. I can’t tell you how much it means for him to crawl up and pull my face to his to make sure we make eye contact, then sit on side of me and run those tiny fingers through my hair. It may seem like not a big deal I know, but this is the same kiddo that used to not care of my existence!! Bath time is still our favorite time EVER .. as you can see he loves submerging himself in the water and just “chillin’.” Another sensory deal!! So overall you can probably hear the excitement in my typing as I tell you .. THE BOY IS GETTING BETTER .. one day at a time, but OH DEFINTELY in time! I am so optimistic, more optimistic than I have ever been in my life, when it comes to Kiptyn’s progress!! I can remember the looks of doubt from people when I told them the path I was choosing to take with Kiptyn regarding homeopathy! Although my kiddo is not completely “cured” I have a feeling that this day is coming!! I have a feeling that God is definitely standing behind us through this journey and assuring that we continue to do what is right for Kiptyn’s progress and success! I am so glad that I stuck with my gut and did what I felt was necessary for my child, regardless of the nay Sayers, or the pessimist, or the people that were just unsure and scared for me. I am glad that I stood on my own two feet with the support of many and did what I knew was best, and what I felt that God was leading me to do for my kiddo!!! I cannot wait for the day that I can share my complete testimony with everyone. Until that day we will continue on our journey helping to get my love better day by day and sharing this great progress with you.

But for now I will share with you one of my many lessons learned throughout this process. I have learned that obviously God felt I was capable of being a parent, not just any parent – a parent of a child with special needs. God knew that this child would teach me things daily. His purpose for putting Kiptyn in my life is completely obvious to me! I was forced to grow up and learn to suck it up and put others first – all things I was not ready for, so I thought! I was forced to be an adult, to make my own decisions, and sometimes to even turn away from the opinions and voices of those that I thought I would never have to do such a thing. I was forced to make my own decisions regarding my life, my child’s life, and our future. Of course I listened to everyone’s side, everyone’s opinion; likewise, I was impacted by a lot of the advice, but as I stood at the end, the only person that could make the final decisions for what the future held for my baby boy, was me! Of course I knew Joey would stand behind me and I am more than grateful that he did because if not this process would not have gone as smoothly as it continues to go.  But I stand before you today to tell you my friends, sometimes we have to learn to “grow up and put our big girl panties on and deal” regardless of what “others think” or what “others may say.” Only YOU know what’s best for YOU! What worked for others will not necessarily work for YOU! The life that others live, may not be the life God intended for you to live. The life your parents lived may not be the life you are fortunate enough to reproduce; however, it’s up to you to make you happy and keep you happy!! Life’s too short my friends! Let it go and enjoy the little things before they are taken from you without notice!! 

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